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Field Specialists out in the field

  • Alaska Anthropological Association
  • Alaska Historical Society
  • Alaska Native Sisterhood (ANS)
  • Alaska Native Brotherhood (ANB)
  • American Bald Eagle Foundation (ABEF)
  • American Legion Post #12
  • Achaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy
  • Arctic Anthropology
  • Center for the Study of the First Americans (CSFA)
  • Chilkat Historic Preservation Office (CHPO)
  • Chilkat Valley Community Foundation (CVCF)
  • Chilkat Valley Historical Society (CVHS)
  • Chilkoot Indian Association (CIA)
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Foundation for the Chilkat Center of the Arts (FCCA)
  • Elder Rock Lighthouse Preservation Association (ERLPA)
  • Haines Sheldon Museum
  • Museums Alaska
  • Oregon Historical Society
  • Society of Ethnobiology
  • Society of Ethnobotany
  • Society of Ethnology
  • Society of Primitive Technology
  • US Lighthouse Society