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SRScorp Alaska: Native Archaeological Research Specialists


SRScorp Alaska consists of an elite group of Native Alaskan researchers conducting Cultural Resource Management [CRM] who have collectively compiled and analyzed hundreds of Tlingit placenames and historic maps dating back to 1869, when the first Tlingit cartographer produced a local trail map with his two wives. His grandson became the first Native Ethnographer for the University of Pennsylvania while he was employed as a Collector for the University Museum. His collections also included certification of important artifacts and regalia by providing written accounts of clan origin stories and clan events. The Tlingit tribal group is well-known for their totem poles, canoes, gold and silver bracelets (along with other forms of jewelry), and Chilkat blankets. Because of this, thousands of pieces of historic data exist, including historic photographs from approximately 50 turn-of-the-century photographers often catering to the tourist and postcard trade. Due to the Gold Rush, thousands of would-be miners descended on the area and many miners’ diaries exist, as well as cannery workers, scientific explorers, traders, and military men accounts. In addition, cultural historians left their records behind. SRScorp Alaska provides a local repository for these materials during the research efforts from Cultural Resource Management projects and uses these resources in their Native Archaeological Training Programs.

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