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SRScorp AK: Native Archaeological Resource Specialists

The mission of the Alaska Native Brotherhood [ANB] and Alaska Native Sisterhood [ANB] is to better the lives of Native people and their families; to fight for civil rights and land rights for all Native people; to share the cultural knowledge, wisdom, and artistic beauty of Native tribal societies; and to strive for a spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood among all people.

In accord with the mission of the century-old ANB and ANS, the mission of SRScorp is to work for the betterment of the Alaska peoples by working tirelessly for the protection and preservation of Alaska Ancestral Sites. A major goal of the company is in educating Native and non-Native personnel about the purpose, methods, and techniques of cultural resource management, which is the vehicle for preserving Traditional Cultural Places and Sacred Sites. A product of this goal has been formation of the Native Archaeological Resource Specialists [NARS]. Members of this elite group have participated in the Native Archaeological Training Programs offered by SRScorp and are fully qualified to act as Native Archaeological Monitors during construction projects. As part of this process, they were taught to research each project area by looking at the archaeological, ethnographic, and historic background of the site through locating historic maps, photographs, missionaries, traders and agency diaries, school records, and anthropologists records and reports. Family genealogies are compiled for each project and oral interviews conducted with Native Elders. In this way, all readily available information for the area is collected and then returned to the Tribal group, fully documenting their cultural knowledge and establishing their land rights.