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SRScorp AK: Native Archaeological Resource Specialists

      SRScorp Alaska, like SRScorp San Diego, is a Native-emphasis company. This Alaskan Native-owned corporation combines both aspects of the sister companies, SRSinc Orange and SRScorp San Diego, by weaving together Archaeology, History, and Ethnography of the Northwest. An extensive nearly 3,000 book library was compiled including applicable previous archaeological studies, journals, explorersí and/or minersí missionary records, military reports, and other scientific and ethnographic studies for Southeast Alaska. By 2011, Native Archaeological Training Programs were being conducted co-sponsored by Univ. of Alaska SE, Sealaska Heritage Foundation, Chilkoot Indian Association, Chilkat Indian Village, Champagne-Aishihik First Nations, and Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center. These led to the development of the Chilkat Historic Preservation Office, which was formed to preserve and protect Ancient Ancestral Sites through ethnographic and archaeological investigations. The active branch of this Office are the Native Archaeological Resource Specialists who perform background studies on traditional sites, researching ethnographic reports comprising origin stories, historic maps and photographs, genealogical compilations, Elder interviews, archaeological field studies [including tree ring dating], and archaeological laboratory studies [including radiocarbon dating]. All of these combine to provide a detailed picture of the Tlingit People and Traditional Cultural Places.