Scientific Resource Surveys, Inc.

Field Specialists out in the field

SRS & SRSinc currently employs a staff of approximately 30 people in California and Alaska. Several key staff have been with the company for close to 10 years and are uniquely qualified to handle cultural resource management projects within policies established and fine-tuned over the last 43 years! The 6 principal Investigators are centered in Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego counties, providing a broad-based foundation for the two California Company Divisions covering Science and Ethnography.

Our educated staff provides for flexibility in project assignments, allowing SRS & SRSinc to commit 16+ individuals for grading monitoring and other research efforts for the duration of a contract with 8+ certified specialists as needed. These individuals are qualified for research in a diverse number of disciplines including: Anthropology, Archaeology, History, Architectural History, Historic Preservation, Paleoecology of Human Societies, Geological Sciences, Marine Biology, and Digital Design. Employee longevity is a key attribute to the success of SRS & SRSinc and survival during lean periods. The immense support and personnel committed to SRS & SRSinc has contributed to a smooth-functioning, cohesive team for several decades with qualified alternatives available for most positions, thus allowing for assignment flexibility.

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