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The Keystone Cogged Stone Cache recovered from CA-ORA-83, The Keystone Cogged Stone Cache recovered from CA-ORA-83, Orange County, California constitutes the largest intact cogged stone cache ever recovered (26 items). The cogged stones within this sealed cache, along with other cogged stones and unique artifacts from the site are subject to repatriation by the Native American community.

The Photosimile 200
A PC-controlled photo platform provides
controllable, balanced, color accurate
lighting yielding shadow free images
In order to preserve a detailed visual record of these artifacts, SRSinc has developed a unique photographic curation methodology utilizing specialized hardware and software. Two different and complementary instruments were purchased by SRSinc and are being used to provide 3-dimensional documentation of extraordinary artifacts.

Called the "PHOTOSIMILE 200", it was developed by Ortery Technologies, Inc. who describe the system: "Photosimile is the first photography studio that is entirely connected to and controlled by an office PC."

The Ortery products make the process of producing both static and dynamic artifact imagery a turn-key process. The artifact is simply placed in the Photosimile 200 on the PhotoCapture 360. The Canon G7 is then mounted in the top port or on a tripod looking through the door.

All the equipment is then attached to a PC via USB where the Photosimile Imaging package controls all aspects of the shot including lighting, table rotation, exposure, and camera settings. The images are then stitched together into GIFs or flash files. Finally, QA/QC is then performed and the artifact images are linked to the project geodatabase.

Used in tandem with the Photosimile 200 3-D photo modeling,
the "NEXTENGINE 3-D SCANNER" applies electro-optical architecture and sophisticated algorithms to use lasers to scan a physical object in parallel. The result is a digital image with 0006-inch accuracy with a maximum of 400 samples per inch.

The NextEngine system allows SRSinc to gain an unprecedented amount of physical information for each artifact which holds integrity long after the artifact is curated or repatriated. This unique strategy provides SRS with physical data on an electronic corpus without dealing with the space constraints of storing the actual artifact on-site.

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