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SRSinc CA: Scientific Division

For the past 43 years, SRSinc has provided, and will continue to provide, the best Archaeological, Ethnographic, and Historic Research possible in compliance with the Secretary of Interior Standards, and Paleontological research under the guidelines of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. It is SRSinc’s mission to adhere to our own superior standards of providing high-quality, cost-effective consulting services in the study of archaeology, ethnography, history, and paleontology that exceed the requirements of the overarching agencies.

Project Research is not compromised in order to secure job funding. Our purpose is to, first, preserve and protect Cultural and Natural Resources; if not possible, then we ‘think outside the box’ in order to accomplish more documentation than required by law without stressing project budgets. It is our position that if Native sites or Ancient fossil beds are to be impacted by development, then we have a moral duty to provide the most documentation possible prior to destruction.

Public dissemination of gathered information is also a necessary part of our responsibilities as mandated by Ethical Statements of Professional Archaeological, Historical, and Paleontological organizations. The company has contributed over 70 articles in Professional Journals, Public PowerPoint Presentations, and Poster Productions for Academic Conferences. SRSinc staff realize that part of their job positons require excellence, and they are being chosen because they personally have that superior vision.

Having the ability to survive over 43 years, including times of adversity, and still be in business demonstrates the resilience of the company and confirms that our unique approach works.