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SRScorp CA: Ethnographic Branch


SRScorp is the Ethnographic arm and sister company of SRSinc, which was formulated through the efforts of The Ethnographic Consortium, an elite group of Native Elders and researchers. Thousands of photographs, tapes, microfilm, and anthropologistsí reports, manuscripts, and field notes were compiled over a 15-year period; these are used today by Native scholars to conduct Ethnographic research projects out of SRScorp San Diego. These compliment the archaeological, historical, and geoscience projects undertaken by SRSinc and provide ethnographic services which are frequently outsourced by CRM firms. Ethnography systematically documents the customs of individual peoples and cultures (including Native language and music recording and written records). The SRScorp approach is holistic, including cultural and natural aspects of the peoplesí history (including ethnozoology and ethnobotany) integrated either as a Traditional Cultural Landscape or a Traditional Cultural Place. These types of studies require an extensive amount of data. Ethnographic projects conducted by SRScorp, however, save an exorbitant amount of time because the majority of information on the 7 main Southern Californian tribal groups has already been compiled and are available at SRScorp San Diego. These materials are organized in such a fashion as to expedite searches of the resources and accelerate research projects.

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