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SRScorp CA: Ethnographic Division

Scientific Resource Surveys (SRS) was established 43 years ago as a Full-Service Cultural Resource Management firm by Roger J. Desautels who was the first corporate archaeologist in California and perhaps the United States. Because of the companyís longevity, SRS helped affect change in laws and litigations regarding Southern California cultural resources in order to promote a balance between historic preservation and the construction industry. Now SRS is run by Rogerís wife-Dr. Nancy Anastasia Desautels Wiley-who, following Rogerís lead, thinks outside the box when handling cultural resource projects so that the best quality work can be accomplished at the most reasonable price, accommodating both agency requirements and clientsí needs. With the addition of co-owner Ted Wiley, the company has expanded to encompass Scientific and Ethnographic emphases in three subsidiaries located in California (Orange, Riverside, and San Diego Counties) and Alaska (Southeast).

SRScorp CA: Ethnographic Division [Native-owned]

SRScorp is the Sister-company of SRS & SRSinc and has a distinctly Ethnographic Emphasis. Ethnography includes the study of cultural aspects of ethnic groups, in our case Native Californians and Alaskan Natives. These types of studies require an extensive amount of data. Ethnographic projects conducted by SRScorp, however, save an exorbitant amount of time because the majority of information on the 7 main Southern Californian tribal groups has already been compiled and is available at SRScorp CA offices. These compliment the scientific projects undertaken by SRSinc, and provide ethnographic services, which are frequently outsourced by CRM firms since the research is highly specialized. SRScorp is a Native-owned corporation whose owner was one of the early members of UIDA, Urban Indian Development Association.

The Bottom Line...
All of this background, myriad of resources, and qualified people allow us to professionally handle your CRM projects with maximum efficiency and minimum costs. We have a commitment to our customers, and more importantly, to their satisfaction. We would like to join together to establish a long-term, successful, and meaningful relationship. Please contact us by the phone numbers and addresses presented below or via the internet. We look forward to talking with you further.