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SRScorp CA: Ethnographic Division - MISSION STATEMENT

The Mission of SRScorp has been, and will continue to be, to conduct Ethnohistoric Research about the Native peoples of Southern California. This research includes compiling archaeological, ethnographic, and historic background of the local tribal areas through locating historic maps, photographs, missionaries, traders and agency diaries, and anthropologists records and reports. Producing family genealogies through Mission records and oral interviews conducted with Native Elders is also an important part of the documentation. Music tapes and microfilm reels containing field notes of turn-of-the-century Anthropologists have also been collected, and are invaluable for studies of early peoples in California. A unique research tool, Categories of Communication, was formulated by the Ethnographic Consortium, which consisted of Native Elders and researchers and was part of the Bolsa Chica Archaeological Project. This became the guiding principle to ensure complete data collection and continues to be used at SRScorp San Diego.